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Craig Sullivan
Chicago Delivery Market Manager
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When Searcy Trucking talks about being safe, being productive, and being driver centric, they don't just say it - they put the rubber to the road. After all, it's those three key philosophies that have helped their fleet grow into one of the largest, and one of the safest, open-deck carriers in Manitoba. Rachelle Baker, Searcy's manager of driver services, credits their technology applications as playing the crucial role of bringing those three philosophies together for their drivers in-cab, every single day.

In this webinar, hear Rachelle talk about how Searcy Trucking, winners of the prestigious 2019 North American "Machinery Haulers Fleet Safety Award," are leveraging smart technologies to keep their drivers safe and maintain their competitive edge as they navigate the road to economic recovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hear first-hand how Searcy Trucking has put safety at the heart of their pandemic response plan,
  • Learn how having a driver-centric approach shapes the way Searcy Trucking approaches new technologies, and
  • Gain a better understanding of how new safety-focused technologies could positively impact your fleet and keep your drivers safe on the road when they need it most.


  Rachelle Baker
  Manager of Driver Services
  Searcy Trucking

Rachelle Baker is the Manager of Driver Services at Searcy Trucking Ltd. and has been with the fleet since 2014. In her role she oversees Driver Recruitment and Retention, as well as Safety and Compliance. Rachelle has been instrumental in keeping Searcy Trucking a top performer by identifying areas of opportunity and risk. She ensures that all Drivers are provided with proper tools to succeed in a challenging market, and are always treated in a fair, equitable and considerate manner.

  Neil Fisher
  VP, Sales & Customer Service

Neil Fisher joined Drivewyze as the Vice President of Sales and Customer Success in June of 2018 with more than 20 years in sales and a focus on the customer life cycle. He brings a strong understanding of the industry based on extensive experience in connected transportation, and a forward-thinking approach to providing a successful roadmap for both partners and customers alike.

  Joe Vastine
  Senior Business Analyst

Joe has been with Omnitracs, originally Roadnet for 8 years. He has run International Operations, Sales Operations and currently heads-up Strategic Alliances at Omnitracs. Prior to Omnitracs, Joe managed Dispatch and Operations at UPS, managing 50-100 drivers and over 400 square miles of dispatch/delivery area in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

Joe is your key point of contact to maximize interoperability between your organization and Omnitracs.