Simplified Route Planning

Delivery requirements can be complex, but route planning doesn’t have to be. Simply enter your criteria and we’ll provide the lowest cost route.

  • The Factors Our Fleet Routing Software Include

    Your business is unique — and vehicle and truck routing software shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. We can optimize using criteria such as:

    • Customer open/close and preferred delivery times
    • Multiple vehicle types with different capacities and costs
    • Traffic conditions -- including ‘rush hour rules’
    • Instant recalculation for emergencies and late orders
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Route Performance Metrics that Matter

  • Out-of-the-box Delivery Intelligence

    Is your delivery data reliable? Do you know what each stop costs your fleet? Our standard reports provide immediate data you can trust.

  • Powerful Route Optimization Analytics

    Our analytics tools allow you to model different delivery scenarios to make intelligent route optimization decisions.

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Benefits Beyond Route Planning & Optimization

  • Truck Dispatching

    With real-time route status insight, dispatchers can ensure route compliance without calling and distracting the driver – saving the dispatcher time and keeping the driver focused and feeling autonomous.

  • Improved Customer Service

    Eliminate “where’s my order” calls with automated ETA notifications. Customers can schedule their own delivery times from a list that’s profitable for your fleet.

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86% surveyed roadnet.jpg

See What Our 14,000 Customers Say About Us

Roadnet gives us the ability to calculate mile savings, route savings, and get the most efficient use out of our resources. It’s a great fit for us because the tool set is very robust and it’s very intuitive for the user.



See What Our 14,000 Customers Say About Us

Prior to implementing the Roadnet Suite we were at roughly 6.50 miles per stop, year to date 2014, we’re at 5.23 miles per stop which is a decrease of 22%.



See What Our 14,000 Customers Say About Us

Roadnet has already paid for it self 100x over

Matt Baranowski
Logistics Manager
Baystate Wine & Spirits
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Reduce business disruption from violations by staying ahead of new and changing regulations.

Data + Analytics

Empower your fleet to make intelligent decisions by leveraging data to learn from the past and suggest plans for the future.

Planning + Delivery

Execute the perfect delivery by balancing costs with customer satisfaction through smart daily routing.


Keep your fleet productive and drive your business forward with efficient fleet management solutions.

Safety + Security

Keep your assets and reputation protected while enhancing commercial truck driver safety.


Thrive in the new transportation landscape by eliminating manual processes and increasing efficiency.

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