GPS Tracking and Monitoring Software

  • Real-time Vehicle Monitoring

    Know where your vehicles are at all times with GPS tracking – increasing driver accountability and eliminating the need to call drivers for status updates.

  • Historical GPS Locations

    GPS breadcrumb trails allow you to see the location and route of any vehicle, at any time.

Simplify Fleet Compliance

Managing a fleet’s compliance is a pain. Our telematics solution makes it easy with HOS, DVIR, and IFTA automation you can trust.

  • Hours of Service

    FMCSA compliant Hours of Service logging that drivers love.

  • International Fuel Tax Reporting

    Take the headaches out of IFTA reporting with our unique “print, sign, and send” system.

  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

    Reduce errors and keep dangerous vehicles off the road with paperless DVIR.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Skip Weigh Stations

    Each weigh station stop costs $9.26. Skip over 600 of them with Omnitracs.

  • Minimize Out-of-route Miles

    Our navigation matches the specs of your vehicle & load with the most efficient route.

  • Advanced Diagnostics

    Identify and fix small vehicle issues before they become expensive breakdowns.

  • Save on Vehicle Insurance Costs

    Many vehicle insurance providers offer discounts for companies using telematics systems due to the proven safety impact.

Keep Your Drivers Safe and Out of Court

  • Dangerous Driving Alerts

    Are your drivers hard braking, taking sharp corners, or speeding? With Omnitracs telematics, you’ll know.

  • In-cab Video

    See what really happened when accidents occur. Coach drivers when they’re at fault, and protect them from litigation when they aren’t.

Efficient Route Planning and Dispatch

  • Automated Route Planning

    Delivery requirements can be complex, but route planning doesn’t have to be. Simply enter your criteria such as customer preferred delivery times and vehicle capacities and we’ll provide the lowest cost route right to the telematics device.

  • Our Dispatch Software = Route Compliance Nirvana

    Feel confident that the route is being executed with actual vs. planned data, customer arrival and departure times, proof of delivery tasks, and much more.

See What Our 20,000 Customers Say About Us

If you were to take Omnitracs technology out of Schneider, I don’t know that we could operate anymore.


See What Our 20,000 Customers Say About Us

It gives us the ability to calculate mile savings, route savings, and get the most efficient use out of our resources. It’s a great fit for us because the tool set is very robust and it’s very intuitive for the user.


See What Our 20,000 Customers Say About Us

We saw our stops per hour increase about 3% and our MPG increase 7.7% as a result of using Omnitracs technology.

Anthony Rocco
Vice President of Operations,
Dayton Freight Lines
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Reduce business disruption from violations by staying ahead of new and changing regulations.

Data + Analytics

Empower your fleet to make intelligent decisions by leveraging data to learn from the past and suggest plans for the future.

Planning + Delivery

Execute the perfect delivery by balancing costs with customer satisfaction through smart daily routing.


Keep your fleet productive and drive your business forward with efficient fleet management solutions.

Safety + Security

Keep your assets and reputation protected while enhancing commercial truck driver safety.


Thrive in the new transportation landscape by eliminating manual processes and increasing efficiency.

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